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Smashcart Ultra is a low-poly shopping-cart simulator game where you get the chance to (or at least try to) control a crazy cart! Play a variety of mini-games with your friends and end the game as the true victor! Just don't let the uncontrollable cart drive you insane!

The game is currently work in progress. It features a "Hold The Item" game mode in which players must steal a croissant by bumping into each other. The winner is the team that has the croissant when the timer runs out. We will continue to develop the game and include more mini-games to provide a more varied gameplay experience.

To play, you can either host a room and give your friends your IP address for them to join, join a room your friend has created by putting in their IP, or creating a room just for your local network.

Being a P2P multiplayer game, network conditions might not be the best, so please ensure that the host player is the one with the fastest machine and use a wired connection if available.

Due to network tweaks we are still working on, the game will only be distributed from Windows during this time. Updates will come later.


  • A - Turn left
  • D - Turn right
  • Space - Boost forward (backwards if cart is stuck)
  • Mouse Drag - Rotates camera

Classic Gamemode

Smashcart Ultra was first made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020. Follow the link below to play the original game in the classic game mode.


A Game by Game Dev Técnico

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Daniela Machado

David Antunes

Fábio Sousa

João Patrício

Paulina Wykowska

Ricardo Rodrigues


SmashCartUltra_Win-v0.2.1.zip 38 MB

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The game just doesnt work, there are multiple bugs and I cant even load into the gameplay, i hear the sounds and the music, my cursor goes in the middle of the screen but the game just gets stuck at the main menu (sorry if i made mistakes my english isnt that good).


Hello Pampelou, thank you for your post.

I am sorry to hear that the game doesn't work for you. We are aware that due to our current network implementation and depending on your network configuration the game may fail to run.

Did you try LAN mode after restarting the game?


Help us find the problem by emailing us at smashcartultra@gamedev.tecnico.ulisboa.pt with the Log file in the path below attached.


Replace username with your account username. Thank you for your support!